The John J. Cahill Memorial Lecture in Aerospace Medicine


This lecture is given each year in honor of John J. Cahill DO, FAOCOPM, a founding member of the College and the division of Aerospace Medicine. Dr. Cahill served as President of the College in 1985 and was designated a Fellow that same year.Dr. Cahill contributed greatly to the College, to Osteopathic Medicine and to the field of Aerospace Medicine. Established in 1991, this prestigious lecture is presented by an individual, member or nonmember, who has demonstrated a desire to see the field of Aerospace Medicine excel for the public good.
Past Lecturers include:
1992   Hyperbaric Medicine in the Military - Jeff Stone, DO, MPH, CWS
1994   Harry Marden, DO, MPH
1995   Darvin K. Suter, DO, MPH
1996   Data-based Aeromedical Decision Making - William B. Ferrara, MD, MPH
1997   Prevention of Aviation Accidents - Col. Robert R. McMeekin, MD, JD, USMC
1998   Role of Aerospace Medicine in the Army Safety Program - Col. Edwin A. Murdock, MD, MPH
1999   Mars Direct: Humans to the Red Planet Within a Decade - Robert Zubrin, PhD
2000   Commercial Space Travel - Henry K. Boren, DO, MPH
2001   Occupational Medicine in the Flight Line - Daniel J. Callan, DO, MPH, FACOPM
2002   Civilian Aeromedical Certification Policiy - Warren S. Silberman, DO, MPH, FACOPM
2003   Weapons of Mass Destructions - Col. Elizabeth P. Clark, DO, MPH&TM, FACOPM, USAF
2004   Emergency Response in Alaska - Russell Bowman, DO
2005   Important Considerations in an Effective Aeromedical Consult - Warren S. Silberman, DO, MPH, FAOCOPM
2006   Aerospace Safety, Implications of High Capacity Airlines - Mechor J. Antunano, MD, MS
2007   National Disaster Medical System - David Canton, DO, MPH, JD, FAOCOPM
2008   Cosmic Radiation - Wallace Freidberg, PhD
2009   Global Patient Movement - Major Gen. Douglas Robb, DO, MPH, USAF
2010   FAA Review - Richard Carter DO, MPH
2011   Aviation History - John Barson DO, MPH
2012   Fatigue in Aviation - Bascom Bradshaw, DO, MPH
2013   Considerations for Improving Vascular Status in Diabetic Wounds - Michael Miller, DO, FACOS
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