Brent V. Lovejoy Memorial Lecture in Disability & Impairment Medicine

This lecture is given in honor of Brent V. Lovejoy DO, FAOCOPM a founding member of the division of Disability & Impairment Evaluations. Dr. Lovejoy served the AOCOPM as a tireless worker. He was the first to seek recognition of this field of medicine in the osteopathic profession and developed the first formal course of study for the College. He was most interested in continuing medical education and was a frequent lecturer.

Dr. Lovejoy was born in Hastings, Missouri on September 18, 1943.He graduated from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1969.Dr. Lovejoy was Board Certified in Occupational Medicine and his practice centered on the treatment of patients with work-related injuries.

Over the years, Dr. Lovejoy was involved in the research and development of new and better ways to treat patients with back injuries and repetitive motion injuries. He also worked closely with employers to develop return-to-work programs for his patients who had been injured on the job. When the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, Dr. Lovejoy served on several committees that helped employers and businesses comply with the Act.

In the last five years of his practice, Dr. Lovejoy served as Medical Director to several large national construction companies. In that capacity he worked closely with safety professionals and risk managers to reduce the rate of injuries in the workplace. When there were injuries, he worked with the treating physicians, developing rehabilitation and return-to-work programs.

In 1997, Dr. Lovejoy was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor. In the year before his brain tumor was diagnosed, Dr. Lovejoy traveled all over the United States giving lectures and workshops on the most effective ways to manage and treat patients who had been injured on the job. Everyone he worked with appreciated his energy and hard work.

Dr. Lovejoy was a Fellow of the American Osteopathic College of Occupational & Preventive Medicine and was designated, posthumously, a Full Professor under the faculty status for the college. Dr. Lovejoy served on a number of committees and held all offices of the college including President-elect. Due to illness, he was unable to serve as President, but was designated an Honorary Assistant to the President prior to his death in 1998.

Established in 1998, this prestigious lecture is presented to an individual, member or nonmember, who has demonstrated proficiency in the area of disability & impairment evaluations and a desire to promote this area of medicine for the public good.

Past Lecturers include:

1999 Current Issues in DOT Medical Certification - Natalie Hartenbaum, MD, MPH, FACOEM

2000 Can I work: the Science Behind Work Restrictions - James Talmage, MD

2001 Factitious Disorders and Malingering - Raymond G. Lande, DO

2002 Trends in Employee Disability Claims - Neil Presane, MD

2003 FMLA and Work Related Injuries and Disability Management - Scott C. Jones, DO, MPH, FACOPM

2004 Understanding Modern Social Security Disability - G. Chad Perry, JD and Paul R. Fowler, DO, JD, MPH, FAOCOPM

2005 Occupational Asthma - Jeffrey Levin, MD, MSPH, FACOEM

2006 Disability Medicine Case Studies, Stephen G. Jacobson, MD

2007 The Evolution of HIV Therapy: 20 Years of Progress - Brian Palmer, DO, MPH

2008 Wound Care Principles - Brian McCrary, DO, MPH, FAOCOPM

2009 Practical Aspects of Behavioral Medicine and Disability Evaluation - Les Kertay, PhD

2010 Workers Compensation Update: The effect of Acute Low Back Bain on Workplace Economics - David S. Parker, DO

2011 Hyperbaric Update - John Mills DO, MPH, FACOPM

2012 Fitness for Duty Evaluations - Clement Hanson, DO, MPH

2013 Is this OSHA Recordable? - Carl Werntz, DO, MPH, FAOCOPM

2014 OMM Tools for Workplace Injuries - Mark Thai, DO

2015 Disability Impairment Trends: Lessons Learned from the US Army - Mimms Mabee, DO, MPH, FAOCOPM

2016 Tackling the Reasonable Accommodation Requirement at a DOD Installation - Christopher Rodriguez, DO

2017 Workplace Restrictions - Elizabeth Clark, DO, MPH&TM, FAOCOPM

2019 Case Studies in Return to Work Evaluation and Management, Pierce Sherrill, DO, FAOCOPM

2021 The Patient Tells the Story: Impairment and Disability Evaluation in Daily Practice, John Carbon, DO

2022 Functional Capacity Evaluations, Alexandra Peters, RPT

2023 Fit for Duty? Military Entrance Medical Standards and the Role of the Community Physician, Lisa Klatka, DO, MS, FAOCOPM