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practice areas

AOCOPM is for
  • Aerospace, Occupational, and Preventive Medicine Physicians
  • Other Primary Care Physicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Interns, Residents and Fellows
  • Medical Students


  • Continuing Education and Certification
  • Practice Improvement and Profitability
  • Diversified Specialties in One Organization
  • Access to Industry Thought Leaders
  • Networking

Membership Types and Dues Rates (annual, Jan 1 - Dec 31)

Active Membership:

For graduates of American Osteopathic Association COCA accredited schools of osteopathic medicine who have an interest in preventive medicine.   Active members of the College enjoy the right to vote and hold office.

$300 yearly

Associate Membership:

For medical professionals whose interests are those of the College, but who do not qualify for active membership including MD's, FNP's, PA's, RN's, and LPN's. Associate members shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of the College except the right to vote or hold an elected office, except for the Associate Member Representative to the Board of Trustees. As a committee member, an associate is privileged to vote in any deliberations of committees.

$225 yearly

Full-Time Military:

Active Duty Uniformed Service, only. If military members are deployed or OCONUS the dues can be reduced to $100 upon request. VA and Public Health members should pay the regular "Active" member rate.

$225 yearly

$100 yearly upon request if deployed or OCONUS

Retired Members (Emeritus):

For members who have retired from professional medical vocations and have been Active members of the College. Emeritus members shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of the College except the right to hold office.


Resident Members:

Intern,  Resident and Fellow Members


Student Members:

Students of AOA COCA Accredited Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine