Frequently Asked Questions

 How can I find my committees?

• Login to (you should be taken to the Member Landing Page)
• Click on My Profile
• Click on My Features
• Click on Committees. Here you will see a list of the committees you are on. (I don’t have the BOT set up as a committee yet.) You can see who is on the committee, files uploaded and messages sent.

I am an ER doctor, currently working in urgent care.  I sometimes have to do medical evaluations for workers and would like to actually be certified to do so.  Can I become and Medical Review Officer?

Yes, you do not have to have to be certified in preventive medicine to obtain MRO credentials.

Do I need certain memberships to be certified as an MRO?

You do not need to join an organization to become certified as an MRO.  AOCOPM offers the course as a service to the profession and, of course, hopes to attract new members, but certainly doesn’t require it.  The college does offer a $100 discount on courses to members.

I am taking the MRO Course.  Do I need to do a separate DOT class/examination to do driver physicals?

Yes, DOT certification is a different process than MRO certification.  Here is the link for more information about the DOT course:

 Will your organization certify an allopathic physician?

There is a firewall between teaching and certifying bodies.  AOCOPM teaches the MRO and DOT courses that are needed to apply for certifications.

Are DOT certification exams only for US-based physicians?

The purpose of the DOT examination program is to provide medical certifications for commercial motor vehicle drivers in the US and US territories.  There are some certified CDMEs in Canada and Mexico to assist cross-border drivers.  Our faculty are unaware if this process is used in other countries, or if FMCSA will allow non-US physicians to take the certification test.  You might want to contact FMCSA via their contact center to ask that question.