Guidelines for Research Presentations

This is an opportunity to illustrate and present research, or quality improvement projects, by residents, fellows and faculty from any Preventive Medicine Residency or Fellowship Program (Aerospace Medicine, Occupational Medicine, General Preventive Medicine/Public Health, Medical Toxicology, Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine, Correctional Medicine).

Chosen submissions will present Sunday, March 13, 2022, at AOCOPM's Midyear Educational Conference.

Presentations will be chosen based on the following criteria:  

  • Introduction & background w/pertinent literature cited
  • Objectives clearly stated & concise
  • Materials & methods (study design) clear & concise
  • Results & discussion clear, concise, and accurate
  • Significance of results to field of study
  • Logical order, minimum redundancy
  • Effective use of space; smooth transitions between sections
  • Legible w/ large fonts, color contrast, no conflicting backgrounds
  • Text w/ no grammatical errors; not excessively wordy
  • Effective use of figures and/or tables, coordinated w/text

Presentations may be submitted using the Poster Template or PowerPoint (max of ten slides).  

All accepted posters or PPT presentations will be permitted to present a 20-minute oral presentation, followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers on Sunday, March 13, 2022.    In-person attendance is strongly encouraged.    AOCOPM will comp your registration fees for attendance at our conference, March 10-13, 2022.   We will not provide an honorarium or expense reimbursement for this research portion of the meeting.   Abstracts of accepted presentations will also be published in a future edition of our electronic newsletter.    All residents, fellows or faculty, whether DO or MD, are encouraged to participate.  

Submission Deadline:  January 10, 2022

Email questions to:  [email protected]


Presentation Application Form

Please note that fellows and residents are not currently eligible for honoraria and reimbursement and should seek funding through their educational institution.